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The ideal analytics for understanding how customers read your articles

Get weekly at-a-glance insights about the articles in your help center
Can you tell from your current metrics whether the customer actually read the article, just scrolled it quickly or quit and left halfway through?
We have all the answers
How it works
We set up our counter in your help center, free of charge
The counter starts collecting and analyzing statistics
You receive a report with all your insights on a dedicated webpage
All analytics are updated weekly or monthly, depending on your pricing plan
What our reports tell you

Article performance index

This is the main metric that tells you instantly how well an article is performing in your help center.

The index shows how many customers read the article against those who just scrolled it, while also taking into account the overall number of article views.

  • Which articles customers read to the end

  • Which articles customers scrolled through quickly

  •               Which articles no one read

  • Which articles are too complicated or too long

  • Week-by-week statistics to see changes in performance

How it looks
This is an interactive report for a real help center
(you can click on tabs, columns and filters)
Click to see how it works
Subscription plans


  • Standard set of metrics
  • Standard reports
  • Monthly updates
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